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Press Releases

PenSoft Announces PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution

PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution allows users 24/7 access to payroll data and payroll processing from a web browser, tablet, or even a smart phone. 

PenSoft Announces Release of PenSoft TimeOnline™

PenSoft TimeOnline is a web-based application delivering a fast, easy, and customizable method of time & attendance. 

PenSoft Announces Strategic Partnership with Rapid! Paycard

rapid! PayCard, a leading provider of Visa Payroll Debit Card solutions, and PenSoft, an innovator in payroll software designed specifically to help small to mid-sized businesses and payroll service providers have entered into an exclusive agreement to offer a seamless method to achieve 100% electronic payroll to their clients. 

PenSoft Announces Release of Employee Tracker

Employee Tracker is a sophisticated and comprehensive employee management software integrating with PenSoft Payroll or as a stand-alone software.

Program Changes for Cobra Credits

President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) presented significant implementation challenges for PenSoft.

PenSoft Partners with Maxx Merchants

Maxx Merchants and PenSoft have partnered to offer PenSoft's clients the ability to accept credit cards and utilize other merchant services.

PenSoft 94x Project Receives IRS Approval

PenSoft is excited to announce is has received IRS approval for their 94x project to electronically file Forms 940, 941, and 944..

PenSoft Announces New State Forms Released in 2008

PenSoft announced it has released a number of new forms for state processing in the year 2008.

PenSoft Announces New State Forms Released in 2007

PenSoft announced it has released a number of new forms for state processing.

PenSoft Launches Remote Payroll Information System

PenSoft launched a web-based downloadable application to remotely submit payroll information to payroll processors.

PenSoft Payroll Generates IRS Form 944

PenSoft has released the latest update of PenSoft Payroll including the feature to generate the recently released IRS Form 944, Employer's Annual Payroll Report.

PenSoft & InterceptEFT Announce Enhanced Pricing Structure

PenSoft has implemented an enhanced pricing strategy through its strategic partner, InterceptEFT, enabling PenSoft clients to take advantage of new, competitive pricing.

PenSoft Partners with Intercept for Seamless Direct Deposit Integration

PenSoft Partners with Intercept Corporation to provide PenSoft Payroll users with seamless direct deposit transmission.


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